Decorative Concrete


Decorative Concrete uses a variety of colours, textures and finishes to achieve a desired look.

A variety of methods are used to achieve what is referred to as decorative concrete. By adding colour or select aggregates to the concrete mix, or by a specialised application and finishing process, or both, a unique decorative concrete finish can be achieved.

Common decorative concrete finishes include:

  • Coloured Concrete: by adding coloured oxide to the concrete mix
  • Exposed Aggregate: achieved by washing off the very top layer of concrete leaving the aggregate exposed
  • Polished Concrete: often used in conjunction with oxides and select aggregates, the concrete is cut and polished after curing
  • Stamped Concrete: applying a pattern with moulded mats whilst concrete is still workable
  • Stenciled Concrete: using stencilled patterns and coloured oxides, a variety of finishes can be achieved

Coloured Concrete

Colouring concrete is a simple way to enhance the look of an area by tying to a colour theme, surrounds or landscape.

The colour oxide comes in bagged, powdered form and is added at the concrete batch plant and mixed through the concrete in the manufacturing process.

Available in a range of colours, it can be used on standard concrete as well as colouring exposed aggregate and polished concrete.

Applying a concrete sealer once the concrete is sufficiently cured (up to 30 days) will enhance the colour and protect from weathering over time.

coloured concrete

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete comes in a wide variety of styles colour combinations. It is a simple to lay decorative concrete option that has low maintenance and is incredibly durable.

To achieve this finish, the concrete paste on the surface of the concrete is washed off before the concrete is fully set to “expose” the course aggregate on the surface.

Decorative aggregates include:

  • Basalt
  • Marangaroo Pearl Quartz
  • Rhyloite
  • Cowra White
  • Metro Blue
  • Karuah Blue Metal
  • Round River Gravel

Aggregates can be used either straight or in combination to achieve a desired effect.

The range of aggregates offer a selection of colours and shapes; both smooth and angular. With different properties, aggregates can be selected for improved wear, shine and texture.

Some exposed aggregate concretes, particularly those using crushed rock, are used to improve slip resistance, particularly in driveways and paths.

Coloured oxide can be added to the mix to pigment the concrete paste to create different effects.

Hunter Readymixed has a range of pre-designed mixes for exposed aggregate concrete, or can assist in designing your own custom mix. Please contact HRMC for advice.

See our standard range of aggregates and mixes here.

exposed aggregate concrete

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the ultimate flooring material.

The concrete is mechanically ground to a high sheen using specialist machinery and diamond grinding pads. Where slip-resistant properties are required, a rougher grind, or honed finish, can be achieved.

Excellent results can be achieved without the needs for chemicals or waxes, although densifiers and sealers can be applied.

Due to the selected stone being wholly or partly revealed, polished concrete can come in a variety of looks. With the addition of coloured oxides added to the concrete, the possibilities become almost endless.

Hunter Readymixed has a range of pre-designed mixes for polished concrete, or can assist in designing your own custom mix. Please contact HRMC for advice.

See our standard range of aggregates and mixes here.

polished concrete

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete can mimic a wide range of natural stone, brick, paver, masonry and timber finishes.

Achieved by applying large format rubber moulds (stamps) to the wet concrete, the concrete then cures leaving the imprint and desired finish.

By using coloured oxides in the concrete, and coloured sealers, the result can be stunning.

Talk to Hunter Readymixed Concrete about local quality applicators.

stamped concrete

Stencilled Concrete

Stencilled Concrete can emulate pavers, bricks, tiles as well as be used to highlight driveway edges or create detailed centrepieces such as geometric patterns and mosaics.

Stencilled concrete is the process on placing a patterned stencil over an often coloured (grout) base slab whilst it is still workable, and applying a contrasting coloured oxide on top and trowelling in. Removing the stencil at this point will reveal the decorative pattern.

A large range of patterns are available.

Stencil patterned concrete requires a specialised application process. Hunter Readymixed can provide names of local quality contractors.

stencil concrete

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Our Projects

exposed aggregate

Knight Frank Building

Supplied a custom exposed aggregate mix for the Knight Frank offices in Newcastle West. Final product was an exposed Basalt and Blue Metal with black oxide colouring.